We are recruiting!

Enthusiastic students and budding researchers (with PhD) are welcome to apply for pursuing a DPhil (PhD) degree or working as a post-doctoral research associate in the Integrative Computational Biology group at WIMM (, University of Oxford, supervised by Dr. Aleksandr Sahakyan.

The research of the Integrative Computational Biology group targets genomics and genome dynamics through the development of highly quantitative methods for defining structure and dynamics of (epi)genome, gene regulatory pathways, involved macromolecules and their interaction networks. We are interested in combining computational biology, advanced predictive modelling (i.e. machine learning), computational chemistry and experimental genomic and biophysical techniques to reach a new level of precision in systems biology at both genome and proteome levels.

The post holder will receive appropriate training, and apply advanced machine learning and evolutionary data analyses on publically available and in-house genomic data from physiological and pathological states of cells, for identifying and interrogating phenotypically relevant and/or disease driver mutations. The project will involve development and use of cutting edge computational methodologies, extendable to a wider scope of multigenic diseases, to unravel the associated key regulatory pathways and influential gene variants. Innovative analyses of the wealth of available genomes and structuromes will be the core of the project. Students are welcome with interests in either or all of the genome, transcriptome, and proteome layers.

The posts will particularly suit a computationally inclined mind with enthusiasm and passion for life sciences and computers, coming from diverse background (biology, chemistry, physics, computer science, engineering). For inquiries and details, please contact aleksandr.sahakyan [at]